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2020/21 Seacoast Spartans Mite Development (2012-2015)  Ice Hockey · Co-Ed

Winter 2020
Registration Dates:
Dec 1 ’19 – Dec 31 ’20 regular
Team Fees
Regular $0.00 per player + 3.0% Processing Fee
Individual Fees
Regular $995.00 + 3.0% Processing Fee
Payment Plans Available

2020-2021 Mite Development Program


The goal for the Seacoast Spartans Mite Development Program is to follow as closely as possible USA Hockey's American Development Model (ADM) and the research and guidelines for age-appropriate Long-Term Athlete Development.  Areas of focus for this program:

     1. Help each of our participants develop a love for the game of hockey.

     2. Ensure all practice and game events are FUN!
     3. While keeping them fun, a strong focus on skills development in our

    4. Keep travel to a minimum.

     5. Keep the cost to a minimum. 

What sets the Seacoast Spartans apart from other youth hockey organizations?  The fact that ALL of our practices are run by professional skills instructors.  For most of the 50 Mite Development practices the Spartans organization averaged three (2) professional skills instructors on the ice together for these practices.  We are one of the few organizations that follow USA Hockey's ADM recommendation to put your best coaches with your youngest players.

Here are the Spartans Mite Development program highlights:

Mite Development Program (2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015'S)

This program is predominantly for children born in the years 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 that have some organized hockey experience (learn-to-play-hockey as a pre-requisite is fine).  A few beginner 2011 birth year players may be allowed to participate (these will be determined on a case-by-case basis).  We want as many players as possible to participate in this program.

Tuition Cost: $995

approximately 45-50, 60-minute practice/skills sessions.

  • Practices sessions are run by professional Spartans coaching staff.
  • The teams will play mostly cross-ice games, but could play a couple full-ice games later in the year. Approximately 16-18 games total.
  • All games will be at the Rinks at Exeter.
  • Game jerseys provided
  • Practice jersey and socks.

More Detail on Mite Development Teams:

Length of the Season: Our regular practice sessions start the Wednesday after Labor Day and run through the end of February. Games will start up in early October and will continue through the end of February.

Practice Days/Times: Please visit for up to date schedules and any changes that may arise week to week. It is suggested to check the website regularly. These teams will practice for one-hour sessions Saturday and Sunday mornings September through November: times vary from 7:00am to 10:00am. Practice times will be consistent throughout the season. Starting Nov 18th Wednesday night practices will be added times vary between 4:50 - 7:00pm. There may be a slight adjustment to times once high school hockey starts, but it will then remain consistent throughout the remainder of the season. There will be approximately 35-40 practices.

All our Mite Development players practice together.  We break the kids up into different groups for practices based on age and ability, so the kids are always grouped with other kids that are very close to their skill level.  We do not have set rosters for our mite development teams.  This allows us the flexibility to better ensure that when our kids play games they are playing with and against kids that are comparable to their ability.

Game Days/Times: Cross Ice Games will take place on Sunday mornings, times range from 7:00am thru 10:00 am

Why Cross-Ice Games?  As recommended by USA Hockey's ADM, almost all of these games will be cross-ice or half-ice hockey games.  There is a lot of research that shows that playing in a smaller space at this age is a better development model as opposed to full-ice because the players are forced to become better puck-handlers and small area decision makers.  This is important because as they get older, they will need these skills to be good players.  The full-ice games result in less puck touches for most players and also create a false incentive system that rewards only the players that are fast.  These fast/young players are considered the best at this age but often never develop the small area puck/decision skills because they have never had too.  It is actually these young/fast players that can be hurt the most as they develop habits and a style of playing that will become less and less effective as they get older.  Each year as all players get bigger and faster there is less time and space and the game changes to more of an emphasis on puck-handling and decision making.  If you are a player that has never had to develop those skills, you will be at a severe disadvantage.

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